• David Olson

Tips on Buying Older Mobile Homes

A lot of people buy used property. Whether you are buying a used car, a used computer, or a used manufactured home you need to know what to look for. There could be broken parts or hidden problems that are right in front of you if you don’t know what to look for. That's why today’s e are going to give you some tips on what to look for when buying a used mobile home that you can use on your next home walkthroughs.

Mobile home maintenance is something you will see common in a lot of older mobile homes. Whether its new fixtures, new plumbing, or aftermarket flooring, maintenance is a common occurrence. This is to add value to your unit and also make living there more enjoyable. This is also because back in the day mobile homes didn’t have the highest standards so tenants did what they could to make the home worth it. So when first looking at an old unit check for aftermarket parts like a front porch, HVAC units, lights and other things. Ask the person selling the unit then inspect how they were installed and if they work. Those will be where problems are likely to occur.

Believe it or not, not a lot of people know how to connect a septic tank to a mobile home. I bring that up because tenants will still try and then have problems they will forget to disclose. So ultimately you’ll need to check all the plumbing. Plumbing is one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to manufactured homes so always go through and see if the toilets work, sinks are functioning, and anything with water usage is in good shape.

Same as plumbing, the interior is a big manufactured home DIY project fro many tenants. Specifically when it comes to mobile homes the insulation and light fixtures will be the things to check. Since you can not just rip the walls apart to check for insulation you will need to ask the owner. Ask if the insulation was ever updated from its build year. Then ask if any of the light fixtures or electrical outlets are after market. This will give you an idea what to inspect on your walk through.

Lastly, you should check the unit as a whole. Ask what of the shell was replaced through the years like windows, door frame, doors, etc. Then ask what materials the home was made out of so you can compare it to more recent models and to see if it can stand the test of time.

Mobile homes have been ever changing especially from the 70’s until now with big updates coming into play quite often. So when looking for older versions you should know what today’s standards are and see how the older homes hold up and how much it will cost to keep you comfortable.


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