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  • David Olson

Mobile Home Park vs. Trailer Park

Updated: Jan 20

When people talk about mobile homes and trailer park lots they usually get confused. This is mainly because a lot of people refer to mobile homes as trailers. The truth is these two types of living are very different. You need to know the difference because mobile home laws affect you differently than a trailer park law. They are different from the way they are used to the parks that they reside in so today we’re going to breakdown some of the basics of how they are different.

The Basics

Let’s just start with the units themselves. Both trailers and mobile homes are meant to be moved. They are meant to be taken and moved to wherever your heart desires, but the period of time you are able to stay in a spot varies between the two units. A trailer is meant to be constantly on the move. They have quick attachments built on them so that cars can back up, lock-in, and haul them off at a moment’s notice. Trailers actually start to breakdown faster the longer they are held in one area. For mobile homes, the idea is that they are meant to stay on a piece of land longer. Mobile homes are built to be put on a plot of land and not constantly attached to a drive axel. This makes them have more of the home feel since it will take a lot longer to get up and moving from your area. Residents are required to pay a mobile home space rent fee


When it comes to their respective parks it can be easier to compare it to the relationship that hotels and motels have. Trailers are more like the motels in this analogy because the area you rent from the trailer park is meant to be occupied for days or weeks at a time with the utilities being something you pay per day. On the other hand, mobile homes don’t share the length relationship with hotels but are a higher quality version of the latter. You’re usually willing to stay longer in hotels than motels and some people do rent monthly in special cases. Also, mobile home parks don’t have their utilities bundled into their leases making it so you will have to pay that separately.

This also makes the eviction process different between the two as well. When you get evicted from a trailer park it is a short process. When you are told to get off the property you are expected to leave that day or sooner. When you are evicted for a mobile home park it is treated more like a home eviction. The process could take weeks or even months since it is accepted as more of a home.

When it comes to amenities the two are held in different regard as well. When you get into a trailer park you will typically see more public shared spaces. This will be things like public bathrooms, pools, game centers, etc. This is because trailer parks in southern California are often used as vacation spots and less as home destinations. So if we look at mobile homes you can expect less of those public amenities since the primary focus is continuous stay.

When you look at the two types of mobile living you can see the similarity in living styles but that’s just the face value of them both. Looking deeper into the two gives you defined examples of why they’re used for totally different purposes and their respective parks represent that. Hope this article gave you a good idea of what the difference is between both of these. So before you decide to grab one or the other you are going to need to decide if this is for a vacation or for the long haul.

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