• David Olson

5 Useful Tips About Mobile Homes

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Having a mobile home can be less stressful than your normal standard home, but let me tell you there are definitely challenges surrounding them. There are many regulations that many people don't have any clue about that can ruin your whole month and maybe even your year. So here today we are going to give you a few tips that are going to help you not stumble over the things beginning mobile homeowners get caught on. Not every single one will be for everyone, but a few of these will definitely help.

Setup and Installation

It is known that most of the people who invoke the warranty on their mobile homes are because the mobile home was installed on the ground wrong. So one of the first big tips is if you want your mobile home installed on a plot of land make sure you get the right people to get it done properly. Also, make sure the manufacture sticker is attached to your unit because if the home was built improperly it won’t be installed properly.

Just because you get someone to install your home doesn't mean you don’t need to check on the installation every once in a while. One of the most common problems for first time mobile home buyers is water pooling under the mobile home. This isn’t a small issue because this will invite critters to come and use your house as a home base since there is a water source. They will start to chew holes in your home and find ways in causing a pest issue and also causing your home to have a heating and cooling retention problem. The next would be making sure the unit is balanced on the land it is on and there were no gaps in the outer shell of the mobile home. Those three are the biggest issues that come up in mobile home installations.

Underbelly and Skirting

The underbelly and skirting are sometimes overlooked or not even thought of when owning your first mobile home. THER SHOULD BE NO HOLE IN THE UNDERBELLY OF YOUR MOBILE HOME. This can not be stressed enough because this is a problem that can potentially make you have to buy a new home. When there are holes in the underbelly all the warmth and the cooling flow out and the comfort spills out along with it. Most of the time you can patch these holes with special materials bought at many hardware stores but always be aware of that issue. If you ever catch a contractor who is installing or making repairs make a hole in that underbelly make sure they repair it themselves.

Then when it comes to the skirting you need to know there is a regulation on installing them to your mobile home and in some places, it is mandatory to have a professional install them. When you have the skirting installed you need to make sure that the vent units attached are open in the summer months and closed in the winter months. Then double-check that the vents are also within three to five feet of the corners of the home. These are all to help stop the creation of mildew and mold under your home causing rotting and bad odor.

These are very important tips that most mobile homeowners should know and practice. These are fundamental to uphold longevity and peace of mind when living or selling your home. There are so many more things you need to know besides these as well! This holds especially true when it comes to your roof because that can easily be as important as your underbelly. So keep an eye on our website because we might just cover some more tips that will make your mobile home living that much better.


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